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Do you realize that the total weight of your garage door's standard opening and shutting is transferred to the spring system? As a result, springs need to be handled professionally and can be extremely dangerous when you try to control them alone, and that's what we do!


Springs Role& Issues

The garage door springs evenly distribute the garage door's weight, allowing for easy automatic or manual movement, opening, and closing. They are built of high-tension steel with a finite lifespan. And due to their gradual use, they begin to lose their efficiency. And in that case, you should contact Sandy Springs, GA Garage Door spring repair service.

If the springs close violently, they might snap at any time. You will hear a booming voice that sounds like a gunshot if spring break. They will break due to the fully-loaded springs, twisted or stretched to maximum tension. So, if you need to fix broken springs in Sandy Springs, GA, please get in touch with us.

All Springs Types Solutions

  • In Sandy Springs, GA, there are various garage door springs types. The two types include the torsion spring, positioned above the garage door, and the other type is the two extension springs located above the upper tracks on either side. However, we can easily handle any springs types problems, from replacing spring fishers to repairing garage door extensions and more.

  • Sandy Springs, GA Garage Doors is always recommended for new torsion springs installation rather than extension spring repair when your garage door has old springs. Torsion springs are preferred over extension springs because they are more durable, endure longer, and are considerably safer. So don't hesitate to contact our technicians to handle any garage door spring issue in no time.

Quality/ Trusted Service

We guarantee the usage of high-quality springs at Sandy Springs, GA Garage Doors. We provide you with frequent inspection and maintenance services to keep your spring system in good working order. And our expert service will identify problems with the spring system from its source and determine whether oil, lubrication, or spring repair& replacement is needed to get their performance back at its best.

In Sandy Springs, GA, and the surrounding area, we are the most qualified to repair broken springs and perform garage door spring repair on time. So please don't try to conduct any garage door spring service yourself because it's hazardous and should only be done by specialists, so don't hesitate to contact Sandy Springs GA Garage Doors for spring maintenance.


Sandy Springs GA Garage Door

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